Unfortunately there will be no events in 2015. We have made this decision after much thought and talking to several people. Over 16 years, 260 tournaments and 5,000+ kids participating we had a great run. Many of these kids went on to play college golf and several who are now pros played their first tournament on our Tour. We are very proud of them.

Now, for many reasons, interest in the game of golf (especially junior golf) is way down. If things turn around, we may start again in the next year or two.

Thanks to all the players and parents who participated in our Tour – we have enjoyed meeting all of you. Thank you to the pros, golf clubs and our sponsors, especially Sheetz, Inc., for your generosity over the years. It was a great time for me and hopefully you also.

Scott G. Stultz


If you have any questions, please email us at nejgt@hotmail.com

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